R&D / Platform Technology

Innovative permeation enhanced transdermal technology (PETT)

PETT builds on the advantages of transdermal delivery to unlock new indications + address unmet medical needs

Transdermal technology uses adhesive patches to deliver medicines through the skin. The delivery is a controlled, sustained release over 3-5 days. The benefits include:

Superior clinical profile

  • Steady blood concentrations can improve efficacy and tolerability

  • Reduced overall blood plasma concentration and exposure can improve tolerability

  • Bypassing first pass metabolism can improve bioavailability and reduce production of active metabolites, which can have negative consequences

Improved treatment adherence

  • Potential to have superior outcomes for complicated dosing regimens

Enhanced patient experience

  • Subpopulations that have difficulty swallowing, e.g. neurodegenerative disorders

  • Patients with phobias of needles, e.g. pediatrics

Our PETT matrix patches and uniquely combine fast flux and sustained release technology. Benefits of our platform vs. existing transdermal systems include:

  • Higher and improved blood level control for use in chronic conditions

  • Ability to achieve high initial blood level to treat acute conditions

  • Unique ability to treat conditions requiring acute and chronic treatment

Our fast flux + sustained release technology is achieved by combining FDA-approved polymers, enhancers, and adhesives.