R&D / Platform Technology

Transdermal technology uses adhesive patches to deliver medicines through the skin. The delivery is a controlled, sustained release over 3-5 days. The benefits include:

Superior clinical profile

  • Steady blood concentrations can improve efficacy and tolerability

  • Reduced overall blood plasma concentration and exposure can improve tolerability

  • Bypassing first pass metabolism can improve bioavailability and reduce production of active metabolites, which can have negative consequences

Improved treatment adherence

  • Potential to have superior outcomes for complicated dosing regimens

Enhanced patient experience

  • Subpopulations that have difficulty swallowing, e.g. neurodegenerative disorders

  • Patients with phobias of needles, e.g. pediatrics

ChemioCare proprietary transdermal platform builds on these advantages to unlock new indications and address significant unmet medical needs

 Our proprietary technology is with drug in adhesive (DIA) matrix patches and uniquely combines fast flux and sustained release technology. Benefits of our platform vs. existing transdermal systems include:

  • Faster achievement of minimum effective concentration

  • Higher drug loading into patch

Our fast flux + sustained release technology is achieved by combining FDA-approved polymers, enhancers, and adhesives.